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The Program

The Basehor-Linwood High School Internship Program introduces students to careers

and employment opportunities in industries and companies where they have

expressed career and/or academic interest.

Student Participation Criteria

Students must apply and be selected to participate in the Internship Program. Factors

considered for selection include reliable attendance, consistent academic

performance, a teacher or counselor recommendation and personal essay.


The interns may work in a variety of settings including non-profit organizations,

industries, large companies, small businesses or local government agencies. In some

situations students will complete some of the duties or projects for the internship at


Intern-Business Matching

Basehor-Linwood High School will assist in identifying and matching students with internship opportunities.

Evaluation Process

One way for students to receive the maximum educational value and college credit from internship assignments is to have supervisors provide feedback for student performance. Supervisors will be asked to provide students with verbal and written evaluations. Students will be asked to complete a self-appraisal as part of the evaluation process. Feedback on the internship experience will be collected from everyone who participates to improve the program each year.


Preparation for the internship will occur throughout the fall semester of the senior year.

The off site internships occur during the spring semester of the senior year either in the morning or afternoon of the school day.


At the conclusion of the internships the students, families, and internship sponsors will come together for an evening celebration. This will provide an opportunity to recognize the students’ accomplishments and thank the businesses for their support.

Fall Timeline

Eight “Internship Sessions” will occur during Bobcat throughout the semester. The dates and topics will be scheduled prior to the start of the academic year.

Interns will have regular check-in meetings with the internship coordinator to clarify their internship interests, opportunities, and plans.

A fall field trip/retreat day will occur in November. This day will illuminate and reinforce many of the concepts from the fall semester.

Spring Timeline

Internships will begin during the first part of the spring semester at a date agreed upon by the intern and the hosting company or organization. Generally the internships begin in mid to late January and wrap up in late April.

The detailed schedules are different for each intern based on their internship host, course schedule, or other factors. Students have support arranging the initial internship site visit (typically in the fall semester) and will have regular check-ins with the internship coordinator.

College Credit

BUSN 0140-330 Essential Career Skills (1 credit hour) Fall Semester ($80)
BUSN 0285-330 Occupational Internship course (3 credit hours) Spring Semester (free) College credit for the internship experience is offered through KCKCC.

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